Application for Membership shall be made in prescribed Form to the Committee and the Committee may approve or reject the application without having to give any reason.

An Entrance Fee for thirty-six thousand ringgit (RM36, 000.00) shall be payable upon approval of the application.

Each Corporate Member (transferable) and each Corporate Member (non-transferable) shall be entitled to nominate up to two (2) persons to enjoy the Club's facilities. Such nominations shall be made in writing and shall be subject to the approval of the Committee and on approval each nominee shall pay a monthly subscription in a sum equivalent to the monthly subscription payable by Individual Members (transferable).

The following shall be eligible to apply as Corporate Member (transferable): -

  1. Any company incorporated or registered in Malaysia and having its registered office in Sarawak , Malaysia
  2. Such other bodies or firms as the Committee may from time to time approve.

Any Corporate Member (transferable) and any Corporate Member (non-transferable), may from time to time by notice in writing and upon approval of the Committee and upon payment of one thousand ringgit (RM1,000.00) substitute its nominees

If a winding-up order is made against any Corporate Member (non-transferable) or a Corporate Member (transferable) their nominees shall not be entitled to any right and privileges to use and enjoy the facilities of the Club.

A Corporate Member (transferable) shall be entitled to one (1) vote at any general meeting but have no right to hold office. Corporate Member (transferable) may nominate one of its nominees to attend and vote at the general meeting. Corporate Member (non-transferable) shall have no voting right and shall have no right to hold office.