The entrance fees and monthly subscriptions payable by members shall be as follows : -

Membership Entrance Fee

Monthly Subscription

Honorary Member N / A N / A
Life Member N / A N / A
Individual Member (transferable) RM18,000 / -

RM70 / -

Individual Member (non-transferable) N / A

RM70 / -

Corporate Member (transferable) RM36,000 / -

RM70 / per nominee

Corporate Member (non-transferable) N / A RM70 / per nominee
Family Member N / A RM10 / -
Junior Member RM100 / - RM20 / -
Term Member

(Entrance fee and monthly subscription shall be determined by the Committee from time to time).

Monthly subscriptions shall be chargeable from a date to be fixed by the Committee and shall thereafter be payable in advance on the 1 st day of each month.

The Committee may from time to time increase the Entrance Fee imposed under this Rule.

Note: With effect from 1.1.1993, all fees are subjected to 5% service tax.