Any member whose subscription is unpaid for three (3) months, shall cease to be a member and his name shall be struck off from the membership register of the Club, without prejudice to the right of the Club to recover all monies due by him to the Club but may be reinstated by the Committee upon his furnishing a satisfactory explanation to the Committee and repayment of all arrears.

If any member in the opinion of the Committee acts in any way prejudicial to the interest of the Club or its members or shall break any Rule or By-law of the Club the Committee shall consider the conduct of such member at a meeting of the Committee. If at such meeting it is considered that there is sufficient evidence to justify calling him, a notice in writing shall be given to such member calling him to attend the meeting for the purpose of answering such charges. Such notice shall not be less than seven (7) days. At such meeting the member concerned shall be informed of the charges made against him and shall after hearing such member the Committee may expel him or impose any other lesser penalty. In the event of him being expelled he shall cease to be a member of the Club. The member shall be informed of the findings of the Committee. If such a member refuses to attend the meeting in answer to the notice calling upon him to do so, the Committee may nevertheless proceed with the enquiry and decide in his absence.

Notwithstanding what has been stated in this Rule, the Committee may delegate its powers under this Rule to a Committee to be called the Disciplinary Committee consisting of three (3) Individual Members (transferable) or by such greater uneven number of Individual Member (transferable) as the Committee may appoint. To expel a member, the decision of the majority of the members of the Disciplinary Committee present by way of voting shall be sufficient.

The decision of the Disciplinary Committee to expel a member shall be subject to confirmation by the main Committee at its meeting, to confirm the expulsion the majority of the Committee Members present by voting shall be sufficient.

A person expelled under this Rule shall not thereafter be eligible as a candidate for membership of the Club.