Any Honorary Member, Individual Member (transferable), Individual Member (non-transferable), Corporate Member (non-transferable) or Life Member may introduce any person as a guest to the Club who will then be entitled to all the privileges of the Club, provided that any guest using the golf course shall pay such fees as may be prescribed from time to time by the Committee and that no same person shall unless specially permitted by the Committee be introduced as a guest more than fourteen (14) times in a calendar year and no guest shall be allowed to use the golf course or such other facilities of the Club on such days as the Committee may prescribed.

Such member introducing a guest shall write the name of the guest, his own name and period for which the guest is introduced in a book kept for the purpose at the Club and shall be responsible for any debt to the Club incurred by such guest. It is the duty of such member to acquaint his guest as to whether there are any restrictions against the use of the golf course and other facilities by guests.

The Committee may at any time in its absolute discretion and without cause assign or withdraw the privileges of the Club from any guest.

No person who has been expelled from the Club under Rule 28 or who has been excluded from admission under Rule 10 (c) or from whom the privileges of the Club has been withdrawn under Rule 29 may be introduced as a guest into the Club.