The accounts of each member with the Club shall be kept as directed by the Committee.

The account of members shall be rendered at the end of every month and shall become due and payable whether presented or not on the first day of the ensuing month, provided always that the Committee may at any time by notice in writing require any member to pay his account forthwith and upon the issue of such notice such account shall become due and payable, provided further that general notice may be given by posing prominently in the Club or otherwise as the Committee may decide to the intent that all or any individual member shall not exceed the stated debit or shall otherwise maintain their account as the Committee shall decide. And provided further that the Committee may by notification in writing require any member irrespective of category of membership to maintain his account in credit. And provided lastly that nothing contained in this rule shall prevent the Committee from introducing systems of payment by cash or coupons or by such other system of payment as from time to time deems fit.

The Committee may at any time in writing notify any member whose account is in debit that until his account has been paid in full he may not incur any further liability to the Club. If any member so notified shall before payment of all monies due by him to the Club incur further liability to the Club the Committee may proceed under Rule 28 to expel such member from the Club.

If any member shall fail to pay any monies exceeding one (1) month's subscription and mandatory fees due by him to the Club for a period of one (1) calendar month after the same shall have become due or if, having been notified under paragraph (b) of this Rule he shall fail for a period of twenty-one (21) days to pay the same the Committee may cause the name of such member posted as a defaulter in conspicuous place or places in the Club.

No member posted as a defaulter shall until payment of all monies due by him to the Club be allowed any of the privileges of the Club and unless such payment be made within twenty-eight (28) days after the date of such posting such member shall ipso facto cease to be a member of the Club.

Member's accounts outstanding for a period of thirty (30) days after the date of issue of such account shall be liable to a surcharge of 10% and thereafter at the rate of 10% for every thirty (30) days or part thereof on the total amount if it continues to remain unpaid.

No member who defaulted for a total of three (3) occasions shall be reinstated. However he may apply to join the Club anew.