Subject to the provisions of these Rules, the powers of admitting and approving application for membership shall be vested in the Committee, who shall have power at any time to restrict the admission of Members, and from time to time to vary or rescind such restriction upon such terms and conditions as the Committee may think fit. The Committee shall not assign any reason for its decision.

Every application for approval as a member shall be made in a form to be provided for the purpose or by way of transfer as provided in Rule 18. Such form shall be completed and signed by the applicant, and by his proposer and seconder who must either be an Individual Member (transferable) or Individual Member (non-transferable) or Corporate Member (transferable) or Corporate Member (non-transferable) of the Club for not less than two (2) years and presented to the Secretary along with the prescribed Entrance Fee. The application shall be posted on the House Notice Board.

The decision of the Committee on any application for membership is final and conclusive and shall not be questioned or be subject to any appeal or review in any court.