1. The Committee in addition to the powers hereinafter specially conferred upon them, shall have the control of the Club, power to engage, control and dismissal of the Club servant, and all such administrative powers as may be necessary for the properly carrying out the objects of the Club in accordance with these Rules.
  2. The Committee shall have full power to make amend and repeal rules, regulations, by-laws and the prescription of Forms for the better carrying out of the provisions of the Constitution.
  3. The Committee shall further have full power to decide all questions relating to the management of the Club and all questions arising out of or not covered by any Rule or By-law and such decision shall be final.
  4. The Committee may appoint a Finance Sub-Committee, with the Treasurer as Chairman, consisting of not less than three (3) nor more than five (5) members of the Committee to advise and deal with all matters relating to the Club's finance.
  5. The Committee may appoint such Sub-Committee to be constituted as it may think fit and for such purposes as it may determine and may delegate to such Sub-Committee such part of its duties and powers as it may think fit. With the consent of the Committee any member there of may appoint as many members of the Club as he thinks fit as a Sub-Committee to assist him. Each Committee Member who appoints such Sub-Committee shall be responsible and report to the Committee on the proceedings of his Sub-Committee.
  6. The Committee may from time to time raise a borrow for the purpose of the Club such sums as it thinks proper and it may raise or secure the payment of such monies in such manner and upon such terms and conditions in all respects as it thinks fit.
  7. Notwithstanding anything contrary contained in the Rules of the Club, the Committee shall have the powers from time to time impose on all of its members a levy for a specific purpose of such sum or sums of money as may be necessary to carry out the objects of the Club. The levy so imposed shall be deemed to be a subscription and for non-payment thereof Rules 28 (a) shall apply. If a member ceases to be a member for any reason within one (1) year from the date of this sub Rule coming into force he shall be entitled a refund of half (1/2) of the levy paid by him.