The following by-laws are formulated by the KGS Library Committee in accordance with the Constitution for the purpose of regulating all Library activities at Kelab Golf Sarawak.


1. Definition

“Club” means Kelab Golf Sarawak
“Constitution” means the KGS Constitution
“Committee” means the KGS Library Committee
“Library” means KGS Library

2. Who May Use

(a) All members of the Club under Rule 7 of the Constitution.
(b) Members of Reciprocal Clubs subject to the terms and conditions of reciprocal arrangements.
(c) Guests – subject to Rule 16 of the Constitution and must be accompanied by hosting member at all times.

3. Library Membership Privilege

All those under By-Law 2 (a) above may register as Library Members through the librarians and are subject to the administrative charges as determined by the Committee. Library Membership will entitle the member to borrowing privileges of specified materials from the Library as stipulated by the Committee.

4. Membership Registration

(a) Members may register themselves as Library Members by filling in the appropriate forms obtainable from the Library and submit together with 2 copies of their recent passport size photographs to the Club. The Committee reserves the right to reject any application for registration without assigning any reason whatsoever.
(b) Upon acceptance of the member’s application for registration, a monthly charge as stipulated by the Committee will be debited to the member’s KGS account. The Committee reserves the right to adjust the fee at its absolute discretion by giving 2 weeks’ prior notice to the Library Members.
(c) All Junior and Family Members are required to obtain parental consent and endorsement of the registration form before they can be considered for admission as Library Member.
(d) The Committee reserves the right to book the Library and exclude Library Members and other club members for the purpose of holding competitions, exhibitions or any other activities as the Committee deems fit.
(e) The Library shall not be used for any other activities or purposes except as determined by the Committee.

5. Opening Hours

Wednesday to Sunday 8.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m
Monday & Tuesday 12.00 noon to 7.00 p.m.

The Opening Hours may change from time to time and notices of any such changes will be displayed on the Club Notice Board.

6. (a) Loans - Penalties on Overdue Items

Library Members will be subject to the following penalties for failing to return items borrowed within the stipulated time.

(i) A penalty as stipulated by the Committee will be imposed for each overdue item on a daily rate basis commencing the day after the expiry date as stipulated on the lending card. This penalty will be charged to a maximum of 14 days.

(ii) If the items are not returned after 14 days overdue period, then the cost of items will be charged accordingly into the member’s KGS account.

(iii) Any item returned in acceptable condition after the 14 days overdue period may be acquired back by the Library at the sum of 1/3 of original cost of that item. The proceeds will be credited back into the member’s KGS account. Any penalties incurred earlier are deemed to be forfeited.

(iv) All charges associated with penalties will be debited to the member’s account.

(b) Renewal & Extension of Loans

(i) Except for items categorised under “New Arrivals”, items borrowed may be renewed or extended for an additional period of up to a maximum of 7 days commencing from the 14 days loan period.

(ii) All renewals or extensions shall be made in person or via telephone to the Library before the expiry date of the loan. By-Law 6(a) (i) shall apply for any renewal or extension made after the expiry date of the loan.

7. Computer Facilities

The internet & general computing facilities offered by the Library shall be opened to all library users subject to the charges stipulated by the Committee.

8. Board Games & Audio Visual Facilities

Selective ‘Board Games’ and Audio Visual facilities may be made available for use by library users. These facilities shall only be used within the Library.

9. Damages

Damages caused to any library material or any part thereof by any member or his guests shall be made good by that member by paying to the Club the costs of repairing or replacement of the damaged material.

10. Property of the Club

All items in the Library shall remain the properties of the Club.

11. Mobile Phone

The use of any type of mobile telephones is prohibited at all times in the Library.

12. Silence in the Library

All library users are required to maintain silence at all times whilst in the Library for the benefit of all. Failure to meet this requirement will result in the ejection of the offender from the Library.

13. Disciplinary Action

The Committee reserves the right to exercise disciplinary action on any member in breach of any of the KGS Library By-Laws or in any other case deemed to be detrimental to the operation of the Library in accordance with the Constitution.

14. Amendment to the By-Laws

The Committee reserves the right to amend any of the above By-Laws from time to time as it deems fit. Such amendments shall be conveyed to the members through posting on the Club Notice Board.