The following By-Laws are made by the Swimming Sub-Committee under Clause 24 of the Constitution for the purpose of regulating the activity at Kelab Golf Sarawak.

1. Definition

“Committee” means the Swimming Sub-Committee of Kelab Golf Sarawak
“Club” means Kelab Golf Sarawak
“Pool” means the Kelab Golf Sarawak’s Swimming Pool, fixtures and the surrounding area of the pool or any defined area at any relevant time of pool use.
“Member” means any member as defined under the Constitution of Kelab Golf Sarawak.

2. Opening Hours

(a) The swimming pool will be opened to members and their guests from 8.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. daily.
(b) The Committee may at any time amend the opening hours.
(c) The pool may be closed for cleaning or maintenance at the discretion of the Committee.

3. Children

(a) Children under 12 years old are not permitted to be near the Pool unless they are accompanied and closely supervised by their parent or guardian who is an adult member of the Club, and who shall be fully responsible for the conduct and behavior of their children, and shall be liable for any damages or injuries caused by their children, and fully indemnify the Club in respect of any act or default. When in the swimming pool, children below 12 years of age MUST be attended by an adult at all times.
(b) Amahs may accompany children to the pool but children may not be left in their sole charge. Amahs are not permitted to enter the pool.
(c) Children 5 years upwards MUST use the CHANGING ROOM allocated to their sex.
(d) The Club, its Management Committee, Swimming Committee or its servants shall accept no responsibility for any injury sustained by the members, their guests or children while using the pool facilities.

4. Guests

Members are allowed to bring in guests in accordance to Rule 16 of the Club Constitution. Each member is allowed to bring in not more than 5 guests at any one time. A levy of RM5.00 per guest shall be charged to the host member. An additional levy of RM2.00 per towel issued to the guests for their usage shall be charged. Such levies shall be debited to the host member’s account.

5. Pool Usage

(a) Bathers MUST shower before entering the pool. NO members, guests or children suffering from any contagious diseases or infections shall enter the pool.
(b) EXCEPT for swimming goggles, no diving masks, toys, commercial floating rings and tyre tubes are allowed in the pool.
(c) All bathers must wear appropriate swimming costumes or swimming trunks which must be made of material that will not discolour the water; beach wear is prohibited in the pool. A fine of RM50.00 will be imposed on any member in breach of this rule.
(d) Only small children and the person in charge of them are allowed in the Wadding Pool.
(e) No smoking, foot wears or refreshments are allowed in the pool or within four feet of the edge of the pool.
(f) No person in swimming costume may enter any part of the Club’s main building.

6. Swimming Lessons

(a) Members who wish their children to join swimming lessons must fill in the enrollment form for registration.
(b) Members’ children enrolled in the swimming lessons shall continue to be charged the prescribed fees unless the members have withdrawn from the class by filling the appropriate withdrawal form.
(c) Children who are absent from four consecutive lessons without giving prior notice or good reasons may be withdrawn from the class.
(d) Children are admitted to the appropriate classes in order of application.
(e) Children should be punctual for lesson, and their parents or guardians shall take over the responsibility in looking after them after class.
(f) Children will be notified of the Class Timetable changes if any, from time to time.

7. Lifeguard

The Lifeguard is empowered to exercise his discretion in respect of:

(a) closing the pool for safety reasons
(b) refusing entry or rejection of any person from the pool

The provision of Lifeguards shall not be taken as guarantee of absolute safety to the pool users who shall be responsible to strictly observe the safety and precautionary measures while using the pool to avoid any untoward incident.

8. Changing Room

Members and their guests using the changing room shall at all times exercise reasonable care in the use of bathroom, dressing room, closet or compartment or any apparatus or property therein and shall not carelessly or negligently break, injure or improperly interfere with the due and efficient action of any lock, cock, valve, pipe apparatus or machinery in connection therewith. Any loss or damage suffered by Kelab Golf Sarawak shall constitute a claim on the person(s) concerned.

9. Lockers

Lockers are available for rent by members on monthly fee of RM50.00 per locker. Replacement cost to the lock if damaged due to poor handling will be debited to the member’s account.

10. Competitions

(a) The Committee reserves the right to close the pool or restrict the use of the pool at any time for the purpose of competitions, water polo, special training or other pool related activities as the Committee may think fit.
(b) The Committee may impose a charge of RM500.00 for use of the pool as rental for such activities.

11. Amendment to the By-Laws

The Committee reserves the right to amend any of the above By-Laws from time to time as it deems fit. Such amendments shall be conveyed to the members through posting on the Club Notice Board.