The following By-Laws are made by the Racket Games Committee pertaining to the game of squash under Rule 24 of the Club Constitution.


1. Definition

“Club” means Kelab Golf Sarawak.
“Committee” means the Racket Games Sub-Committee of Kelab Golf Sarawak.

2. Who May Play

(a) All members of the Club under Rule 7 of the Club Constitution and divided into the following categories:-

(i) Adult Men Members
(ii) Adult Ladies Members
(iii) Junior Members (18 – 21 years)
(iv) Family Members (Below 18 years)

(b) Registered Guests are allowed to play during Booking Sessions only by invitation of the members in accordance to Rule 16 of the Club Constitution. Each member is allowed to bring in not more than three

(3) Registered guests.

Each Registered Guest shall be charged RM5.00 per hour. The charges for Registered Guest shall be debited to the account of the member inviting the said guest.

Note: the Registered Guest charges shall be in addition to the booking fee stipulated in Rule 4 below.

3. Court Usage and Booking

(a) Courts No. 1 and 2 are reserved for booking at all times whereas Courts 3 & 4 are available for booking from 7.00 p.m. onward until 10.00 p.m. Members shall book the courts in accordance with the following rules:

(i) Each booking shall be for half-hour game only and each member is allowed to have one booking per day.

(ii) Booking can be made for up to one day in advance.

(iii) Players are required to enter their name, club membership number and signature in the booking register; otherwise the booking will have no standing and may be taken by another player.

(iv) If a member who makes reservation for the court does not occupy it within ten minutes from the registered the time of play, the Club may release the court for use by other members. No cancellation of the booking shall be accepted thereafter and the member who has made the booking shall be charged the booking fee accordingly.

(b) Courts No. 3 and 4 will be open daily to members from 8.00 a.m. - 7.00 p.m. on walk-in registration basis. The rules governing the usage of Courts No. 3 and 4 for open sessions are as follows:

(i) A player and his/her partner shall register their names on the board provided. The player who arrives first shall put his/her name on the left hand side of the board;

(ii) The players shall play their games according to the order of their names registered on the board;

(iii) Each pair of players is allowed to play 3 games or a maximum of thirty minutes whichever comes first;

(v) Players who wish to play second round of games can only put their names on the board again after they have completed their first round of the games;

(vi) A player who has put his name in the queue (i.e. on the left hand side of the board) will forfeit his right to play if he does not show up when it is his turn to play. The partner will also automatically lose his turn should this occur;

(vii) No members are allowed to register on the board on behalf of other members in their absence except for their own partner. Members whose names are already up on the board and do not claim their court on time will automatically forfeit their right to play;

(c) Family Members are not entitled to register their names on the queuing list on open sessions. They may however be invited to play with a full member whose name is in the queue. Family members are entitled to play on open courts up to 4.00 p.m. only.

(d) Guests are not allowed to play at open courts.

4. Court Charges

Members will be charged at RM5.00 per court booking.

5. Equipment

Members shall provide their own rackets and balls. They shall not use non-marking squash ball.

6. Attire

Players are required to wear appropriate sports attire (i.e. predominantly white or pastel coloured sport shirts and shorts/skirts) and sports shoes. They are NOT allowed
to wear shoes with any soles that may leave marks on the floor.

7. Cancellation of Court Booking

The Committee shall reserve every right to cancel any bookings under the following circumstances:-

(i) if there is any competition approved by the club which may infringe into the booked time.

(ii) court closed for repair work.

8. Championships

Subject to the approval of the KGS Management Committee, the squash courts may be used for the State Level or Inter State Level Championships or any other competitions approved by the Committee.

9. Discipline

Disciplinary action will be taken against those who breach any of the above By-Laws in accordance with Rule 28 of the Club Constitution.

10. Amendment to the By-Laws

The Committee reserves the right to amend any of the above By-Laws from time to time as it deems fit. Such amendments shall be conveyed to the members through posting on the Club Notice Board.